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Bijur Delimon International

Bijur Delimon International, the Lubrication Group of Industrial Manufacturing company international, made up of six international leaders in lubrication and cooling : Bijur, Delimon, Farval, Denco Lubrications, Lubrimonsa and Lubesite.

Bijur Delimon International is a global leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty grease systems, light duty oil systems, mobile fluid grease applicators, single point lubricators and cooling units. With this range of offering. BDI can lubricate everything from steel mills and oil refineries to trucks chassis and single bearings.

BDI having its facilities in the united Germany, United States, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, China, India and Spain, the group services various national and international manufactures. Principal industries served include machine tools, railroad, steel, mining, mobile, wind power, printing, food and beverage, textile and material handling.

Bijur Delimon international provides a wide range of reliable lubrication system and cooling systems for almost any industrial and process applications.

These system types include:

  • Single Line Systems, Dual Line Systems & Multi Line Systems
  • Progressive Systems
  • Railway Lubrication
  • Oil Mist Systems
  • Air-Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Spray Lubrication Systems
  • Oil Recirculation Systems
  • Chain Lubrication Systems
  • Cooling Systems

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