We supply flushing and pressure testing units on a Rental basis Engine-driven flushing unit with a flow capacity of 2000 LPM. Electric Motor driven flushing unit with a flow capacity of 800 LPM. Pressure testing unit, 350 Bar and


Basic Hydraulics Course Hydraulics Principles & fundamentals, Principle & construction of hydraulic components. Symbols & introduction to Hydraulic Circuits, Hydraulic Fluids, Filtration, Cooling - Selection criteria. Fluid Power Formulae, Pipe sizing, Prime mover sizing & Flushing concept.   Advanced

Mechanical Transmission

Servicing of industrial gearboxes, geared motors and fluid couplings. Re-engineering and manufacturing of internals components. Service team that works in partnership with customers in terms of inspection, diagnosis and servicing for planned maintenance or breakdown.

Inspection & Surveys

We have experienced engineers to carry out inspections of hydraulic equipment and provide detailed technical reports along with our recommendations. Pre-drydocking Survey of vessel deck machinery. Health check of land rig Mast/Sub raising cylinder and Hydraulic power unit.

Flushing & Chemical Cleaning

We are equipped with units engineered in-house to undertake Hot oil flushing for line sizes up to 5”, Skids with flow rating of 2000 LPM / 800 LPM with filtration capacities of up to 3 microns, and are equipped

Onsite Installation

Our Engineer and technician have vast experience in installation and commission of hydraulic components/equipment onsite. You can count on our team to provide effective, lasting solutions. We execute the supply and installation of hydraulic, and lubrication piping solutions for

Oilfield Drilling Equipment – Recertification

Service/OH/Re-certify your drilling equipment, reverse-engineered obsolete equipment & bring to our client's high-value solutions including Snubbing units, Iron Roughnecks, Top Drives, Rotary tables, Power tongs, Pipe spinners, Air winches, Catwalks, Pipe racking systems, BOP handling systems, Cantilever Skidding systems,

Trouble Shooting

A hydraulic system can encounter various types of issues while working, We have 24 x 7, experienced service engineers and technicians available well equipped with proper tools and equipment to attend the site. Trouble Shooting of Onshore & Offshore